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We arrived at Powell late Saturday afternoon, and were informed by a park ranger, that we missed a front that came through on Friday. The water in Bullfrog Bay and north and south of the lake was completely stained brown. We couldn't locate any shallow water stripers (less than 80') and for the most part stayed at camp for the remainder of the evening. I tried raising you on the marine radio and handheld radio prior to your departure on Sunday without luck, so we missed each other.

Anyhow, long story short, we fished hard for the next three days and only caught about 8 stripers. They were scattered and we just could not locate any of the suspended schools. They were down deep and hugging bottom The weather remained disturbed, cool, and allowed for about three and half days of sunshine, during our one week trip.
We decided to focus on smallmouths and for the most part caught them at will.
The gang fished for them every morning from camp while using top water lures, as smallies hammered them from below; the gang was psyched. We landed several catfish and a couple of nice walleyes.

It wasn't one of my better trips, but all in all, we caught plenty of fish and had a great time. I think we would have scored with the stripers if the weather wasn?t as unsettled as it was last week.

We did try night fishing under lights, drew in a ton of bait fish, but no predators... oh well.

I don?t have any photos to post as I was without camera for most of the week, but other members did take some, and I?ll post them once I receive them.

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