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Took an extended weekend, staying in the slips at Bullfrog, and taking my boat out during the day to tour and ski. Fished at night from the docks.

Went as far south as Escalante, and as far North as GHB. Water clarity was much better south than north. We didn't see much boat traffic north of Knowles. Saw slurps/boils in both directions.

Fishing off the back of the houseboat was pretty good. The stripers were in the marina at night - big schools could be seen near the lights on the docks, and my green light REALLY brought them in.

A few photos:

Nephew wake boarding.

Knee boarding

First night fishing.

The green light is AWESOME. Amazing how it brought in the stripers. This was about 1100, when they really came in.

More fishing

Time to ride the Sky Ski

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