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I was just wondering what is everyone's favorite thing to use for lake trout. I figure my best chance is pretty quick here while they might still be shallow, because I'm fishing from shore. Could I just throw some sucker meat on a bottom set up? What's the best way?

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I would put one rod out with the sucker meat, and cast a second rod with long casting crank bait, big flashy spoon, or white / chartreuse tube jig. You could tip any of these with a bit of sucker. Move around till you find fish. Also pay attention to when a lake is stocked with rainbow. Rainbow colored crank baits work really well then. The lakers/splake at Jefferson (10,700 feet) stay pretty close to shore year round (I think it's now closed till June 1st).

Either sucker meat or egg sac on the bottom,and chuck something with the other rod.Silver kastys work well and rainbow crocs have worked excellent for me in the spring.The lakers tend to like some structure,so rocky points at granby are good,or cliffs.

Slayer. When you say egg sac are you talking about a roe bag? Fresh roe in a mesh sac?

Of course-the slayer would use nothing less!
Thanks fellas
Alot of the printed material I read suggests using flatfish. Anybody have a preference in colors?
I have had good luck with red and white red devil and power bait
re flatfish,

They troll OK but don't cast worth a darn. I have not caught many fish on them, probably because they are not one of my go to lures. My grandfather used them, my dad used them on occasion, so I bought them and leave them in my tackle box.

I think Like2fish is right, I much perfer a spoon like a laker taker, little cleo, crocodile, or daredevil. All silver, silver and blue, silver and chartreuse, or silver and red work well for me, casting or trolling. A steady retrieve is not as effective as a pull, pause, pull pause retreive.

Finally, much to my chagrin, I have caught some lake trout with or adding powerbait.

For open water I like a 3.5" tube in white or chartreuse on a 1/2 to 1 ounce jig. For ice fishing, I like a 2.5" tube in the same colors fished on a 1/8 - 1/4 ounce jighead. I always tip with fresh sucker or carp meat if possible, preferrably from a small sucker or carp so I can cut the bait into 4 chunks and so the entrails are included on my piece of bait. If I can't find fresh small suckers or carp, I like frozen anchovies. I always use a stinger treble on the main hook and use a piece of bait about the size of a postage stamp.
Many of the bigger macks being caught at blue mesa recently are being caught on slow trolled flatfish. Use about a 4" flatfish trolled on a downrigger or with leadcore line.
Go to gramby and use a GOLD and/or SILVER KasteMaster with hunks of either egg sacs or sucker meat. my step dad is there fore friday and saturday comes home sunday. And thats what he is slaying them on.
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