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Lakes/Ponds you wish were a secret ?

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Just curious. If you could name 2 ponds/lakes that have been on here (obviously) that you wish no one else knew about. What 2 would it be?
I would say - - -
                       1.  Big Thompson Ponds (they're still never that crowded). I'd pick them because they're close, and kinda hidden.

                       2. RMA Great fishery, easy and challenging at the same time. The place has just been in CO H&F, and the best mag " Colorado mag". Also they may change some of their rules. Opening at 5:00 a.m. possably. Since it's an hour and a half drive, I don't mind that they open at 8:00.     
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You look good in that kayak. 8)
Forgot to list a lake. Brush Hollow. Always busy in the spring til the drawdown. And I think alot of undersized bass get kept here.
i wouldnt mind haveing brush hollow to my self

and on the other end of the spectrum i wish a few more would fish hermit there are way to many smallish brookies in there id give up the 100 12" fish days to catch a few bigger fish
Union Res.
I think I have fished there more than anywhere else since I moved to Colorado.

If it didn't have much fishing pressure, I think it would've been a great wiper & catfish fishery(larger fish). I like the fact that you can park and fish right out of the trunk of your car(most areas).
Blue Mesa... I wish this was my backyard.

I havent fished enough lakes to form to much of an opinion.
Jerry Creek Reservoirs. They aren't crowded though at all. Just usually see a couple fishermen per trip.
the ponds that im fishing right now arent discoverd fully yet ...but its only a matter of time .....5lb bass just about everytrip
fishinguitars said:
the ponds that im fishing right now arent discoverd fully yet ...but its only a matter of time .....5lb bass just about everytrip
Where exactly are those ponds???
adams county fairgrounds lots of cats but alot of litterbugs there
Sometimes the only thing wrong with public access water is the public. My top 5 urban fishing spots were reduced to hammered down water in 2005 simply because of trash, too much fishing pressure and folks insistent on taking out every darn bass they catch.

#1 spot...beaten down, hammered on, lunker population went from 100 to 10 ratio at least. Some of the locals targeted the bass spawn. They would take a legal limit of hawgs, stuff the freezer and come back for more the same day. This one almost came to blows. They were reported...don't know the outcome.

#2 spot (RMA)....turned into a 2 lake circus.

#3 spot...poachers taking fish from a C&R lake in massive quantities....50 at a time from the looks of the plywood I found where they gutted them. (Agency was called)

#4 spot...jury is still out on this one. Aquathenol treatment in 2005 came with some side effects.

#5 spot (Sawhill)...beaten down, over-crowded, ran some people off here that were fishing with nets!!!

Needless to say, I have to completely start over on my Top 5 urban honey hole list. :'(
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I wish Spinney, 11-Mile, and 11-mile Canyon were a secret!!! I would love to have those all to myself!!

Tim-COS said:
11-mile Canyon
I fish 11-mile canyon in the winter months and pretty much have it to myself... There are still plenty of fisherman that fish it to but they keep on driving when they see you in an area.
Mattsabasser-I feel your pain. I got the ph numbers for enforcement logged into my cell and I will make them put the fish back or stop the illegal activity. If they don't want to I make the call. I'm not Clint Eastwood but I just will not back down. I don't care if they think I'm an a-hole. I know I'm right.
Thanks Kirby, there is still good fishing and when one spot falls apart, another is there to take its place. Another up side of this is that it keeps me constantly looking for new waters.

As far as enforcement, I find myself at the scene of the crime after the fact a lot of times. There isn't much authorities can do at that point.

My adopted lakes get the annual clean up twice a year and that is how I stem off the trash problem. I wouldn't mind seeing some signs posted "$1000 dollar fine for littering" and a phone number to call. Maybe that would help people think twice about leaving those beer and worm cans. Signs do subtract a bit from the overall beauty but of the landscape but the trash is so much worse.
Prospect Ponds and Simpson Ponds!
Steamboat Lake, Lake John, Spinney (Dream Stream too), and The Delaneys
Antero, back in the day! Has to be one of the funnest lakes I've ever fished in Colorado. By the way, has anyone heard an update, about Antero???
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