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I use to live just north of there and fished Main lake as a kid riding my bike down there. They stock it full of trout every spring which was fun for a 13 year old for sure to ride your bike to fish. There are also bluegill, cats and bass in there for sure. I have seen some decent fish come out of there. Across from there was Smith and there are some really nice fish in there but they are tough to catch. I always had better luck in the south east corner along the rocks with bait like minnows or worms or throwing hard baits and spinners late late in the evening as it was getting tough to even see you line to tie up again without a flashlight. Hope this helps. This time of year the trout ought to be thick in Main and can be best caught on the east side of the lake just north of the south side where the bank changes from dirt to rocks.
Hope this helps.
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