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I grew up fishing Main Lake--trout, cats, carp, walleye, bass, blue gills, name it, the lake has it. Directly across Kipling is a lake we used to call "**** Lake" because it smelled funny. Caught loads of perch there.

South of those two lakes, is Cottonwood behind Walgreens/Burger King--pretty fun there. Pulled out some pretty big bass, crappie, and blue gills.

Across the street from there on Jewell is a lake I've never been to...kinda weird since I lived so close. Not too sure of the name.

East of there along Jewell are a few more ponds and Kendrick Lakes--Kendrick used to rock. I've caught some pretty big bass there--bait or lures. Although it's shallow by the playground, I've caught a lot of fish there by that little bridge. You lose a lot of jigs but you pull in a lot of fish. Try throwing lures off the pier by the church. Years ago there were some big cats being pull out of there...haven't been in awhile but just talking about Cottonwood and Kendricks makes me want to hit it up!!!
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