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Welcome to CO. I too lived in TX, for nearly 30 years. I have been in CO for 3. The conclusion I have come to is there is just not nearly as many bass here as TX. In TX, Bass is king. In CO, trout are King. There are bass in certain ponds, but even those just don't have the populations we are used to. The water clarity is also an issue. Take a page from the Ozark-Tennesse type fishing. Scale everything down. 4-6lb line, small un weighted slow moving plastics, mostly spin fishing gear.
There is for sure a learning curve, and even when you make these adjustments, sadly you will not enjoy the Bass success we had in TX. But all is not lost. here we have trout, Pike, Walleye, Wipers, (You know them as Hybrids) yellow perch, Mackinaw, Smallmouth and Salmon. You can land 4 or more species in a day using the same technique. Colorado has much to offer fishermen.
good luck
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