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last call front range ice

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unlike slayer I wasn't quite done with ice fishing for the year, so I headed out to aurora on a hope and a prayer.there is still ice at the boat ramp area about half that was there last weekend but enough to satisfy. stocker trout was all ,. around twelve inches . oh there was a guy out there that swore he was catching 15 inches but I think I over heard him say he also had a 10 inch dick so I think he may not know how to read a tape. anyhow it won't be there next week so if you have a hankering tomorrow.morning would be all id be willing to risk.
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Good Riddance Ice!
Hot damn, Glen! There's still 2+ feet of ice at Wolford, the Fork, and Green Mt! Get er done.
I heard theres also two feet of slush ,sounds like fun(not)
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