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Last Call Ice 4/14

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Well, I think this is officially the latest I have ice fished. Picked up Brandon (SoxFan) on Friday & we headed to Dillon. I've never caught an Artic Char, wanted to give it a try. Went out from the marina and had a great day! We caught 5 different species (rainbow, brown, Koke, Artic Char, and suckers :). Nothing huge, but the Brown was probably 17-18 & the best fight. I caught all of my fish on a small orange jig/ tipped with a piece of crawler. (Brown trout/ tipped with sucker meat). Caught all 5 species out of the same holes! Weather was surprisingly great! Left @ 2:00, was a super fun day!

1st ever Char!

Solid Brown trout

Silver Koke :)
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At least you caught the targeted species. How have you been Johnny?
Real well Dan!

Retired from teaching this year (sort-of, I have subbed like 40 days), and getting a lot of fishing & traveling in.

Been a while, how have you been???
Jealous!!! I'm getting there... about to finish up Year 21!
Heck yeah Teach!

Hang in there, PERA is a beautiful thing :cool:
Heck yeah Teach!

Hang in there, PERA is a beautiful thing :cool:
As a relative (who's a teacher) told me, PERA's a scam. Glad you're able to enjoy it, you're worthy!
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