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scraped together some gas and fishing license money, and decided to take my sonny-son with me to leadville.

conditions were a bit breezy, but otherwise it was nice out. parked at the dam and fished right below. like a dumbass, I forgot my vex... but at the Turq, you don't really need electronics since the fish are numerous and stupid. drilled a hole out in the middle of the deep areas. had one good bite... and then I decided to walk 50 yards off the rocks on the dam. found a spot that I thought was at 50 feet in the rocks... and started getting into lake trout right away. as usual... fish weren't that big... but they were eager. caught 2 15 inch lakers and a beautifully colored brown trout... and a cutbow closer to shore to fill out my limit. was there for about an hour. 2 inch white tubes and dead shiners pulled fish.

saw an older couple struggling to catch fish, so I walked up to them... showed them what I was using, gave them the rest of my bait... and showed them what to do. they went from skunking to having a limit within 45 minutes. felt good to help out some newbies on the ice.

ice was under 12 inches altogether.... 4 of it was cloudy/frozen slush with a slushy 3 inches... with chunky, rotting honeycombing ice underneath. I wouldn't go back out there again next weekend if weather stays the same. drove by OG and ice looked worse there. for late ice chasers... clinton gulch and jefferson will be the only worthwhile game... I'm done though... put the rods away and tomorrow I'm sorting out some tackle to put in night work.

PS my counter was filthy, but my toaster is scrubbed clean.... since i'm single now, I got to start cleaning up for the ladies.
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