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I was on the lake at 7am ready to try out my new Lowrance Elite 5 Chirp, turned it on and the screen froze on the start up. I found out a day later after calling Lowrance how to re-set it and that it needed a sofware update so al is good there. But I was so pissed off that I almost loaded up the boat and called it a day. I decided to make 1 lap around the lake anyway because I was already there. I caught a keeper 18" walleye and small perch perty quick and felt better about the fish finder not working. I caught a few little white bass and things slowed down. I cruzed around the lake for a bit and decided to try deeper water. I was surprized by a bluegill on a worm harness/bottom bouncer and caught a few rainbows also. I was heading back to the boat ramp and made 1 last pass and hooked something big. My 1st thought was that I snagged a carp but after fighting it for a bit I knew it was something different. Turned out to be a 29" walleye at 8.5 lbs. A personal best for me by far! I let her go and called it a day.
I think I am going to like this trolling thing, I don't mind if the fish finder works or not with days like this!

She swam off like a champ!

Other fish not as impressive

Poor little guy, not sure how I snagged him

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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