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You're gonna pay to fish anywhere in the UK is my understanding, all game and fish are considered property of the landowner and not property of the state or public, unless it is saltwater.

This seems to be the common way in most European countries, unlike the United States where game and fish are considered a public resource.

As to the catch and keep, I am unsure as to the reasoning/management strategy behind this. There is a member on here that is overseas and posted a report on a beat he paid to fish in Germany and it was required there that he too must keep his catch.

All that said if I were to travel to the UK I'd definitely want to try a day on one of the famous streams there.

Thanks for the link Mack, enjoyed!
I think a lot of fisheries over there take the position that all caught fish should be kept because they feel it's unethical to return injured fish to the water.
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