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Legends of Fall Part II

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Got a shocking text early Friday morning saying that he might bail on me.
But, he manned up and braved the howling winds so we headed back for a revisit to a place of legendary beasts.

Conditions were rough with gusty winds up to 30 mph that made most everyone else leave the lake. We pressed on and conquered the beasts once again. Plastics were dominating most of the day until later when the winds subsided and Slayer pounded back to back big Walters with the legendary "Blade" . Biggest perch was just over 13" and came on a Z-man TRD Craw. Slayer's big eye was over 22" with the other just a little shorter.

Even with the brutal winds we managed well over 50 fish. For those whining about not being able to catch fish: Don't be stubborn with old ways. Switch it up once and a while and you will be rewarded. Just ask Slayer......
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Very nice!! Damn, them pictures almost made me have flashbacks to the 70's.>:D:madgrin::twitch:
I spent the day putting up a fence.:mad::mad:
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