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Lets Talk Perch... Large Perch!

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I notice that yellow perch are persued by ice anglers pretty frequently. How about in open water? Especially this time of year. ???

Anyone willing to share ideas? Locations? Experiences? Tactics? Stories?

Thanks in advance
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Perch are a relatively easy fish to catch once you locate them.  They school up so as soon as you land one get your bait back out there in the same spot that you caught the last one as soon as possible.  Look for clear spots in weedbeds or holes in lilly pads are usually good places to start.  WHen I'm fishing for perch its usually in 6 to 15 ft of water and from shore I usually not in a boat hunting perch.  A small bobber and a small hook (size 8 ) work well, may even want to use an attractor hook to draw them in.  Bait I use anything from small pieces of worms, minnows, minnow heads, maggots or even a grubs.  Perch eyes work very good to but dont use them until you find the school. 
Once you locate a school you may want to try throwing jigs my favorite colors are red and white, yellow, chartreuse, and black.
Side note: Blue Mesa has a no bag limit on perch so help them out and bag some perch from their reservoir and have a big fish fry.
I take my son, and when my buddy is with us we have his daughter, or might have a couple neighbor kids with us so its good to hit a school of fish cause alot of fish or alot of bites in a small amount of time makes fishing for the micro dudes alot of fun. So wether its bluegill, crappie, or perch these schools spend alot of catching and keeps the kids entertained and enjoying the sport of fishing.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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