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It's magic!

Had another good day on the water yesterday. Fish seemed a little more keyed in on terrestrials today, I caught about half of my fish on top. This time around, I was using a bullethead hopper, which to me looked a little more natural than the one I was using last week. A size #20 copper john got a good portion of the attention as well, however.

After working a couple of lower pools over, I waded up to a slightly higher pool, where it seemed all hell had broken loose on the surface. Splashy rises all over the place!

After half a dozen drifts through the tail of the pool with the hopper and dropper being completely ignored, I switched to size #18 Parachute Adams, to match the small mayflies coming off. Good drifts were rewarded with solid takes, and fish of all sizes to hand. In fact, everyone came to the party, brookies, browns, and a couple of rainbows.

Pictures below:

And, a quick video of a release:

Thanks for reading...
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