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i think that they should keep the methout that they do things the same other wise you would have a family of 50 people out there fishing hiding everything that they catch. i've seen this happen up at jefferson. there was an oriental family up there and there must've been 30 people running around,they even put up at tent by the parking lot where they had to walk right past a sign that said no camping. there was no where to fish along shore unless you wanted to try and hike around(not an easy deal) and there were guys manning like 5 or 6 poles apiece. never saw a ranger all day. they were catching fish and having their kids run them up to the trucks. how many of those people do you think actually had fishing licenses??? it doesn't really bother me about the price increase as long as they do something with it and not just raise the price becauses prices of everything else everywhere are going up...
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