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This fly is a new one I created. Its a fly that has worked well for me the last few trips. Its got a large head, and holds its shape well. The movement is great, and is the perfect sculpin imitation. It is heavily weighted and will sink to the bottom with ease.

This is awesome for fishing large predator trout in streams or lakes, and also will work great for other species like bass and even pike. With different colors it could even mimic a mullet for fishing Redfish and Seatrout on the gulf.

Hook: Daiichi 2220 - Size 4
Thread: Danville Big Fly Thread - Black
Tail: Olive Zonker Strip
Body: Kracken Dubbing - GT Olive
Flash: Holographic Flashabou - Black
Legs: Rubber Legs - Olive with black stripes
Weight: Brass Dumbbell Eyes - 6mm - Nickel
Bottom of the head: Bull Frog Dubbing: Golden Olive and Starburst Dubbing: Yellow
Top of the head: Bull Frog Dubbing: Olive and Starburst Dubbing: Olive
Resin: Solarez "Bone Dry" UV Curing Resin
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