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Getting old is inevitable but acting old is optional, nevertheless altho you young uns probably think it won't happen to you, the following is typical of the sort of thing that will become daily occurrences.

Am currently a temporary bachelor whilst wife is in Martinborough visiting grandkids etc. & also scheduled to go whitebaiting tomorrow morning via kind invitation of Vinnie ( baitcatcher )

About 4 pm today decided to have a short nap in anticipation of the somewhat strenuous activity involved in prolonged scooping.

Awoke feeling refreshed a couple of hours later thinking it was morning so went to prepare breakfast, get gear together etc. deciding I probably even had time to read the morning herald when it struck me contrary to orders from swmbo I had forgotten to put the rubbish out so was relieved to see by the fact there was uncollected neighbourhood rubbish still awaiting collection that it was not too late to do so .... phew a lucky reprieve.

Was on the way to collect the herald when I thought " gee it is light for this time of morning" but reasoned "well I suppose we are getting well into spring" but was a tad annoyed to find the newspaper had not been delivered. Began to wonder if it had been stolen or had there been a delay in delivery, so took a peek in the neighbours paper box & was relieved to see the did not have theirs either so presumably delivery had been delayed.

Not sure how long it was before I became puzzled by the fact that daylight was fading rather than becoming brighter at the same time as trying to dismiss conjecture of it being the end of the world, when it finally dawned on me ( no pun intended ) it was still Wednesday evening & NOT Thursday morning.

So it was time to return the uncooked bacon, eggs etc. back in the fridge & open a bottle of wine instead before ordering Chinese takeaways for dinner.

Having already had a nap probably won't sleep tonight, consequently wake up feeling "shagged" in the morning sadly as the result of lack of sleep rather than having enjoyed the aforementioned activity
Ah well ... such is the life of we "old farts", but reckon I can take a certain amount of comfort in the realisation that I am probably not the only one here on the forum that can relate to such situations !

As I get older I find myself spending ever increasing time thinking about the "Hereafter"

Yeah so often I enter a room then think "What was it I am here after ?????
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