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Little honeyhole fishin'

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Well we went twice today... First time we went down there, it was hot and nasty. We went down and saw that the recent flooding had wiped out a bunch of trees... Folks had already come down and cut up much of the wood, much of our shade is gone now.

First trip, the larger fish did not seem to be around... Or at least they weren't eating white curlytails. The line I had on my reel was factory... Some 14 pound test with stupid line memory... Hadn't used that reel in a year or two (only used it once since I got it). At least I didn't throw the line on the bank.... Which brings me to my next point.

The spot (the 'honeyhole') was flooded with garbage... Old worm tubs, fast food wrappers, beer bottles... Insane amount of trash, much of which probably came over the spillway during the massive rains. It was disgusting... Have never seen it this bad. Tomorrow night we will be taking trash bags instead of fishing rods down there.

Anyway, got home, did some unpacking, respooled the reel with some good ol' 6# Trilene and headed back down as the sun was setting... This time with some crawlers.

Fishing hasn't suffered on bluegill anyway... Caught about 50 in an hour between the two of us.

Gotta learn where the big'ns are now that the river has changed so much... It is a different ballgame in there now.

Thanks for reading.
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Nice report Opry.

Thanks for sharing with us.
Good on you for going back and picking up after others who don't have any respect. That is a good deed and should make you feel good. Whether you realize it or not, that will be a great lesson for the boy. Good for you for taking him fishing! That is what it is all about.
Thanks fellas. Went back tonight and filled a trash bag. Sadly, didn't make much of a difference. Started raining on us, so we didn't get as much done as I would have liked.

Probably go back Friday night with a vengeance.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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