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Loading/Unloading a Boat @ Aurora alone???

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How do you load and unload a boat at Aurora if your fishing alone? I went by there the other day just to check it out as this is my first year with a boat. Yes there is a dock but its not on the ramp???


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Careful this is a bad topic around here...
zman said:
Careful this is a bad topic around here...
I know, I think it was you that started the nerf rock topic. Thats why I went out there to see the dock setup. I dont see how I can load/unload by myself?

Jay-Simple. Tie a rope about 1/2 again as long as the boat to the bow and the other end to the back of the vehicle. Back up the trailer into the water until the boat floats free and back away from the trailer. Then very slowly go forward with the vehicle until the trailer is back on the ramp and the boat is just behind the trailer in the water. Disconnect the rope from the back of the vehicle and you can then get in the boat and take it wherever you want.

I been doing this for more years than I can remember. It works every time. Once you do it a half dozen times, its second nature. Ed

At Aurora it isnt launching it is landing the boat is what I think Jay is referring to...

Jay about the only way to do it by yourself is to tie off the boat over at the docks away from the ramp...go get your trailer and back in until it is the right depth...I tie a 75 foot rope to the bow...untie the boat from the docks...and shove it off in a 45 degree angle out into the marina bay towards the boat ramp and towards the middle of the bay...hold on to the end of the 75 foot rope and run down the dock along the shoreline to your trailer...and then pull it over to your are going to have wade and get wet and pull it on to your trailer...cinch it up tight...if your trailer doesnt have guideons get a pair...makes it a lot easier...kind of like kicking a field just have to get it between the boat had a pair of metal ones and I put a pvc tube over both of them to give the boat more really gets complicated at aurora with the usual either southwest or southeast cross wind...hope that isnt much but it is the best I have to is how I do it when I have been by myself...and I just have a 14 foot Lund Rebel...
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Guideons do make it alot easier. Just drive the boat onto the trailer-its a little tricky if its windy but just say a hail Mary and give it the gas. ;D Ed
Thats the problem...Aurora is electric you cant jam it on the trailer with an electric motor...unless you have it hooked up to a turbine from hoover dam... :eek:
Is that lake REALLY worth all the trouble?

(I've only fished there a couple of times due to the no gas motor restrictions, and I found it ok...but what a pain in the A**!
[Is that lake REALLY worth all the trouble?]

I have either caught or been with someone who has caught the following fish there...a 10 pound rainbow, 10 pound walleye, 4.5 pound smallmouth, a 14 pound wiper...I also know there have been Channel Cats caught there approaching 20 pounds, a 14 pound and change walleye, and have seen wipers approaching 20 pounds but havent caught them yet...not too bad for a reservoir on the edge of town...and there are no lake lice (jet skiers) take the good with the bad...oh and I only recently have a boat...all those fish were caught from shore...I still have to figure this boat fishing thing out...

Ok, let's go over there...I'll drag my beast out there and we'll get after it!
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