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Like Pondfisher, I have discovered that post spawn female LMB like the Senko.

I have been fishing a 4" green with black flake senko on a 2/0 Gamakatsu EWG  offset worm hook. I've found bass tight to cover in ambush position as Pondfisher did in his post but also found the biggest bass grouped in deeper water.

The bassin' has been fun over the past couple days. Water temps were in the mid 60's to approaching 70. 13-15" males can bee seen on beds in some areas, but I leave these guys alone to do their thing. It's fun to watch them ward off the bluegills.

Strikes have been very subtle on the drop, often you go to pull the senko up and the bass is just there.

These females seem to be hungry if you can find them. In ponds that have completed spawning, bass seem to be getting into summer patterns like hiding in ambush holes under thick vegetation and the lilke.

Here are some pics...

A fat 17 incher

Then the 18 incher...

18 incher again...

Then the big momma...18 and 3/4"

On Friday, I headed up to Horsetooth for some SMB after a morning of LMB. I ended up catching 4 in an hour or so. They were holding in shallower water over rockier areas. I was using a panther martin on one rod and a thomas bouyant on the other...hoping to catch a rainbow for the grill as well but just got smallies.

the panther martin caught 3, the bouyant 1. between 13-15" here is the biggest one...

All fish were released.


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Those are some nice Bass F.T. . I think I might hit that pond over on Kipling and Quincey tomorrow morning on the way home from work not to far out of the way for me. Just have to give up hitting the gym in the morning. Guess it's worth the trade off for Bass like that..
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