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Local Colorado Springs Lakes?

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I was wondering if there were any local Colorado Springs lakes. I have fished prospect lake before but they drained it last year cause it was "leaking" or something. So I cant fish that anymore. I heard Quail lake was good but beacuse of the drought the city had cut off water supply for it and it recieved alot of fishing pressure because they were going to let it dry up, but with all the snow and rain we had it looks like a healthy body of water now went up there and checked it out a couple weekends ago, tons of geese there and no one else. But those are the only two lakes I know of, are there more? and if so where?
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Maybe not quite local but up Pikes Peak are the Catamount lakes...there are three of is what I found...they are a great local place...not too much driving...

23. PIKES PEAK NORTH SLOPE RESERVOIRS: Three reservoirs are found along the Pikes Peak Highway. Although just outside of Colorado Springs, these gorgeous waters boast rainbow and cutthroat trout and occasional brook trout. Exceptional lake trout can also be taken at Crystal Creek and North Catamount. Anglers can use carry-in boats propelled by hand or electric motor and float tubes. Open from May to October, check the Pikes Peak Highway Tollbooth for hours and access charges. Location: From Colorado Springs west of Highway 24 to Cascade, then follow signs for the Pikes Peak Toll Road
I have had a couple different parties tell me the lakes have some good brook trout in them too...
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