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I've been wanting to get out and get some catfish lately. So, I went to a reservoir in Loveland just as the sun was going down. I planned on dunking some cut shad and throwing my bbz rat. In no time at all, I had a hit on the bait. I was hoping it was a cat but once I got it in, I noticed it was a decent white bass. I was using circle hooks for the first time but the white still managed to gut hook himself. I guess I took to long to set the hook? I threw back out again and proceeded to get a couple more hits but that was it for the shad. Meanwhile, I was throwing my giant rat. I had a single blow up on it but wasn't able to set the hook in time. I ended up reeling up my bait and putting a tiny torpedo on my spinning rod. After ten minutes or so, I had a crappie which I believe was my first on topwater. Not a crazy productive night but I'm happy I got to get out and get some fish. I plan on going back tomorrow night to try an area that is more of a sand flat. I was basically fishing right off the dam so it was a little rocky. Hopefully the change will put me on some cats.
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