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fatfish said:
Heading out to Lon Hagler with my wife tomorrow. Anyone know how the trout and tiger muskie are doing? What about the cats?
Stopped by there from 4-6 pm today with my ultralight just to see what was biting. Couldn't stay long, I was supposed to be somewhere else. :D Trout were kinda slow, but I did get some hits on small spinners, and caught two, a 10" and a 14" on a little Rebel crawdad-looking crank bait kind of thing. Had to put on my 2 lb. line spool to be able to cast it out far enough.

Some people bottom fishing for catfish had caught a couple of 3 pounders on shrimp, but they were mostly spending their day just sitting and waiting. In the last 3 weeks I know of at least two 16 lb. channel cats taken from there. I believe those were caught on shrimp also, but that doesn't mean it was the best bait. Very few *real* catfishermen go out there.

W. E.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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