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Went to Lon Hagler Tuesday first time there. Thought I'd take a stab at the trout.

Got there around 11:00. very warm, sunny day. I was in my waders and worked the shore west from the boat ramp/ parking area. Worked it all the way down to the west end of the reservior.

Caught 4 rainbows...8-12" 3 were caught on #0 blue fox spinner (silver blade, pink body, and a black twister trailer) One was caught on a small countdown rapala (gold/ black)

The fish seemed to be located in the flooded brush next to the shore...didn't catch any fish on the dropoffs or where there wasn't cover. all fish were caught in 2-5 feet of water.

As a nice bonus I found a cool muskie bait stuck to a tree branch and a small panther martin on an underwater snag...good day.

Did not spot any esox masquigony

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