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Lon Hagler 7/23

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Got the lake around 4 p.m and fished til about 8 p.,m. The wind was blowing very hard, so we drifted all the way to west end of the lake, where we tied up to some trees. The only thing we could do is throw out the worm and bobber rig cause the wind was so bad. Caught 1 catfish, 10 bluegills, 1 largemouth, and 1 perch, all on worms in about 10 feet of water. The lake is the highest I have ever seen it. Very full with both boat ramps nicely in the water.
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stopped by Lon to do some Bass Fishing this weekend as well. Had a few small ones take the bait. The water is way up past the picnic tables, watch out for the hornet nest over toilet in the parking lot, by buddie got chased out with his pants around his ankles
LOL ;)
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