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fished with lures, worms, cheeseballs, and powerbait. with no bites. i switched to salmon eggs around noon and BAM the fish kept hitting. one trout was 16 in the rest we about 12in.
6 fish, 4 trout and a couple of sunnies all in about an hour.
all my bites came about 15 -20 ft. from shore. i used 3 eggs per hook(2 hooks) they seem to quit biteing around 4:eek:'clock
for how hot this lake has been i had to get out there i went sunday
but so did everyone else. so i went out monday. I fished on the north side of the lake directly next to a channel. i was impressed with how the bite was considering all the preasure this lake has had since ice out.
only one was keeper size, but what a great day of fishing.
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