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Well, I was out at Dowdy on Sunday myself with 2 other friends. We went out around 3-4pm and did some trolling. Was a tad chilly outside as it was a little windy, cloudy (threatening rain but never came), and cold. We started out by the dam on Kastmasters (tiger stripe) and RoosterTails (yellow/green). After one pass we had nothing.

Eventually the RoosterTail started getting hit and after we caught 2 on it, we all switched to the bright color RoosterTails. I on the other hand had a 1/8 oz Rainbow colored Meeps. Ended up catching quite a few smaller Rainbows. All in all, we were fishing the very top and the 3 of us limited out and probably let 7 or 8 others go back. Very good day considering the weather. Some day we're going to get a camera to record our catches. :)
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