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Lonetree 06/08/05

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Wow.. Fished pretty much the whole day with my buddy for his B-Day. I got the skunk. I've just been having a bad week of catching. But a good week of fishing, of course. Right around sun up, one of the guys (we call him The Wall) caught a humongous channel cat on a mussel. That sucker weighed 15 lbs after it was out of the water for the walk to the car and drive to the baitshop in Berthoud.

The birthday boy caught a 23 inch walleye and also a decent sized (about 11 inch) crappie on leeches. The walleye was skinny as hell! It also had a 4 inch chartreuse jig stuck in it's throat with about 2 ft of some thick fishing line from previously being caught. I told my buddy that the walleye was just committing suicide after suffering so long. It would have sucked for the walleye if we released him.

All fish caught in the morning with the exception of a dink walleye caught in the afternoon on a crawler. We were mostly bait dunkin the whole day. Saw some bass in the the flooded trees by the outlet, but didn't bother em cause they were watching over their children. Successful spawn for these largemouths! (Pls correct me if I'm wrong on this).

Cold morning and a nice day. I was the only one skunked, what a b****!  :mad: But I'm glad birthday boy had his walleye which was what he was talking about the whole drive there.. Oh yeah, the rookie's man-eating catfish was a good site too.

Water's colder to the touch than most or all other lakes I've been to so far except for Lake Jefferson. Give her about a week of 80-sumthin degree weather and she should be good. Better luck next time..

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well my birthday is the 11th maybe i should go fishing
afishman happy birthday hope you catch a big carp today j/k on the carp part.
thank you. but i would be happy with a big carp. i havent caught much this year yet ;D
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