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Roadkill: I don't think Lonetree has trout in it as far as I know but it has walleye, wiper, catfish, bass, perch, and other panfish. It is a hard place to catch fish but if you do, they are usually very big. Welch reservoir is private and yes it (Lonetree) usually ices over pretty good. When I go goose hunting there I walk across the ice to get to the other side and have seen people fishing through the ice there many times. Yeah you can use minnows and there are a crap load of shad in there, at least there was but they had a huge winter kill on shad but they restocked it with some from Cherry Creek. Other areas nearby are Lon Hagler and Boedecker. Boedecker only has catfish right now due to the low water level last but has been restocked with fingerlings.
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