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I've found the key to lone tree is to fish the weed lines. There is a pretty signifigant flat and drop off on the North Western side of the lake. There is also a weedline ( depending on the water level) on the south side of the lake. Both of these areas typically hold fish( Walleye and Bass).

When the water is high in the early spring, don't discount the brush for some nice walleye. I've caught some over 21" while bass fishing with a white pearl Senko.

Wiper.... In the past I have been in some huge boils and been unable to get even a strike no matter what I tried. I have heard that the natural forage was so great that the wiper were pretty selective.. I don't know how the shad die off will affect that this year and I have not been on the lake at all so far since I don't live as close as I used to.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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