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If you’re a boater and are motivated to keep your engines running clean and problem-free, remember: Look Before You Pump!

E15 (gasoline blended with 15% ethanol) could be making its way to your gas station. While higher ethanol blends are considered a renewable fuel source, the damage they can cause to engines – particularly two-stroke engines – is a major concern for anyone who owns a boat (or motorcycle, or snowmobile, or lawnmower…). E10 is the current standard and what you normally find at the pumps.

The EPA is planning to require higher ethanol volumes under the Renewal Fuel Standard (RFS), which includes pushing more E15 onto the marketplace – and actually reducing the amount of lower-ethanol blends that you’re allowed to purchase.

What’s at stake? Boaters need to use lower ethanol blended fuel, and many like to go all the way down to E0. But the EPAs proposal could strip you of having your choice.

The EPA is taking public comments right now. They need to hear from boaters and fishermen to know that this is an issue that is important to our community.

to submit your comments through our automated system. It only takes a minute, but will make an important difference.

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