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Look Bobys: Walleye on Orange Background

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It has been tough for me lately with 5 skunks in row in a week +. I probably could have gone to to wash the skunk at some metro area puddles, but what fun is that (I know it can actually be pretty fun)? I broke the string of skunks yesterday with a 9 pounder. I know it is going to sound like a fish tale, but my phone battery failed, so no picture of that one.

Tonight was a little better with another 9 pounder (below) and an eater size walleye. The funny thing is that I almost had another phone failure... As I bent down to release the bigger walleye, I heard something fall in the water. I thought it was my tape measure at first and felt no urgency to pick it up. Then my phone lit up in the water. I was going to revive the walleye before I let it go, but scrambled to grab my phone instead. The fish swam off just fine anyway.

At that point, I was thinking to myself: I should have just taken that bastage home! :biggrin1: That'll teach it not to make people drop their phones in the water in the future! >:D But the phone phone barely took in any water. I dried it up on the air vent on my windshield on my way and it is fine now. 8)

Look, orange glow, Bobys:

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Nice Linh! I know that background.... You are having better luck than me! Coming up on finals I haven't been out as much but have got out 3 nights in the last week. Skunked all three. Would probably have better success if I left the crackhole but that'll have to wait until I'm on break here soon. Hopefully I can get a big eye over my break!
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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