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Probably headed over there this weekend with everyone else in the country and have never fished it. Will be using the flailer stick so any help would be appreciated. Trout or pike info welcomed! Techniques, tactics, suggestions and fly info needed ??????

Please feel free to PM to keep info on the down low... :thumb:

I do C&R and will have float tube.....;D

Sure wish I could help you out, but flyfishing isn't my strong suit. A good friend of mine was once upon a time a flyfishing beast at Spinney. He doesn't do it nearly as much, but when he did, he'd stick some pigs (pike and trout).

I do know that North and East shoreline are very popular for pike fly guys. He told me he didn't even bother with a float tube, he'd just wade it.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.

Good luck! Post pics! :thumb:
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