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Fishing at Buckhorn can be done with a fly from shore but it is definitely better if you have a float tube and can get around to other parts of the lake that others can't reach. There are two lakes with the one most frequented is the southern one. If you don't have a float tube then a fly and a bubble work well to get out a bit. Almost any fly will work as the fish are all stockers with a few holdovers. If you want top water action then an adams, or similar type fly will generally work. If you want subsurface then wooly buggers, prince nymphs, copper johns, or midges will work.

The northern lake is a bit bigger but it harder to get around on shore if the water level is high. Generally the east and south sides afford easier access on the northern lake and there are parts that you can drive to but I generally park at the south end and put my pontoon in and fish the lake.

Good luck
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