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I know I may not get any responses but I thought it would be worth a shot.

My parents, both from Minnesota and both almost 70 love to fish but since moving to Colorado 24 years ago have fished very little. Now that they both have time together they talk about fishing all the time but have no idea where to go. They live right off Harriman but it's in transition.
They both talk about bass and crappie as that's what they were used to up north.
I would really like to help them and see them enjoy themselves but I am a river fisherman and chase trout mainly.

I would like to ask for help pointing them to good shore fishing locally. I know it may be a lot to ask but if someone wants to shoot me a pm it would mean a lot.
If not, I'll just keep trying to send them where I think they will catch a couple.
They went to Kendrick today and caught 2 bluegill the size of minnows.

Anyway, thank you for considering a possible crappie hole you could share.
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