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UPDATED 6/3/22

Hi All,


I'm throwing together a last minute trip through the NM and CO (6/9-6-20) and looking for anyone that wants a free float on some of my destinations.

Due to some of the rivers I want to float being on, or passing through, private land, anchoring constitutes trespass. While I could eddy-out, i'd rather have someone along to share in the action and rowing so we can enjoy the fishing to the fullest.

I admit, I'm still working out details as fast as I can. If I list a section of river that isn't floatable, or exceeds my capabilities described below, I fully appreciate any corrections.


I'm a novice rower and am picking floats with with Class I-II water, with few, if any, light Class III's. The boat is a Flycraft 14' Guide w/ 8.5' Sawyer Polecat shoal cuts. The boat has cup holders, rod holders at each seat, a cooler, and good vibes. My dog will be taking up one of the seats. She snoozes most floats away so long as she gets occasional scratches. I have 2 PFDs on board (one-size fits all), and of course, one for the dog.

As far as fishing goes, I'm an intermediate fly fisherman with a few years experience. I get out 4-5 times a month year round. This will be my first time on most of these rivers, and I don't expect my oarsmanship to match a polished guide experience.


My expectations of any passenger are pretty simple. I figure we'll split oar time, but as I'm wanting to get more oar experience, don't be surprised if you end up with more rod time.

All you need to bring is yourself, on-time, a vehicle to drop at the take-out to get us back to the put-in, your gear (rods, reels, tackle, etc), food, and a good attitude. For liability reasons, please bring a valid fishing license you can show.

Please be honest about your rowing experience. I'd prefer to be the lesser experienced rower between us.

I plan on launching early each day (between 6-8a) to depending on float times, and getting off the water around 4p each float. If things are moving quickly, I plan to stop where possible to relax and wade.

*I will designate trips with OPEN or TAKEN and update the date at the top of this post.
** DM me for my phone number to get an intro and discuss any slot(s) you want.
*** Being runoff has been touch/go this year, some rivers are coming down, some are coming up. If conditions affect day-off plans, I'm working on alternates.

6/9 - TAKEN - San Juan Quality Waters (Navajo, NM)
6/10 - TAKEN - Animas valley (Durango, CO)
6/11 - OPEN - Rio Grande (South Fork, CO)
6/12 - OPEN - Rio Grande (South Fork, CO)
6/13 - OPEN - Arkansas (near Salida, CO)
6/14 - OPEN - Arkansas (near Salida, CO)
6/15 - OPEN - Roaring Fork (near Carbondale, CO) or Lower Eagle River (near Avon, CO)
6/16 - OPEN - Roaring Fork (near Carbondale, CO) or Lower Eagle River (near Avon, CO)
6/17 - OPEN - Yampa River (near Steamboat Springs, CO)
6/18 - OPEN - Yampa River (near Steamboat Springs, CO)
6/19 - TRAVEL
6/20 - TBD - San Juan Quality Waters (Navajo, NM)

6/3 9a PST - Added alternates for Roaring Fork depending on flows/floatability.
6/3 12p PST - 6/9 San Juan TAKEN

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