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I've got about $400 to spend on a fish finder but I know very little about them, as I'm perty new to boating and realy looking to dial in my fishing skills from the boat this year. I think I'll be taking it at places like Boyd, Horsetooth and Carter and many smaller waters. Trolling and jigging/casting.
Hummingbird or Lowrance? Or is it like a Ford or Chevy kind of thing and comes down to personal preferance.
Side scan, down scan, different transducer powers and cone angles are out there. GPS options and speed readings. So many options are out there it gets confusing real quick for me.
I've done some research and I'm leaning towards Lowrance elite 5 series.
I thought I'd ask for some advice on here from some of you that have some on the water knowlege of electronics before I go and buy one. Any advice helps, even if it's just from your personal preferance.
I'm usung an old Eagle 168 right now, so thats the only thing that I've used so far.

Thanks for any help!
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