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I wish I'd had found this forum earlier.

This will be my second season in Colorado (With 32 years on Wisconsin trout waters!) and I'm looking to meet a few new fly-fishing pals to share the carpool/gas cost of heading out to the montains. I put a Craig's list post up...but have only attracted guys looking for, well let's just say it's not trout their after... Good grief. What a bunch of nuts. So the post will come down in a few days.

If you're in the Denver area and looking to partner up on fishing trips check out my post.
I've got the summer's off, and can break free for extended trips on the drop of a hat. Looking for experienced anglers --who can patiently work a section of water the whole day.

This coming Friday night to Monday night I'm heading down to the Arkansas for the Caddis hatch; might head over to The Park on Monday.

I hope there's a few on this forum who might be heading that way.

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