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Just got back from another amazing trip to Rancho Leonero. This was the first time in 11 years. We have been going since our honeymoon back in 2000. This year we spent our 16th anniversary at this awesome location. This time with our 2 kids. It was hot as hell. Hotter than I remember. The fishing was off the charts. Our group caught everything from Pompano, Bared Pargo, Roosters, Triggers, Marlin, Skip Jack, Octopus, to smaller rock fish Red Snapper, Coronet Fish and many more. Many were caught on Pangas, while many were caught right off of shore.

My wife and I took our boys out for a day on the boat for some meat. We started out looking to catch some nice Skip Jacks for bait. By 9:30 the boys caught roughly 8 each. Awesome to see. They had a blast. The Skippy's are great fun, just not the best to eat. At one point we a Striped Marlin take a small Clouser Minnow on my smallest rig. He was hooked for about 30 seconds until he broke off. We headed out to find some Pargo and Pompano. We had a great 1st drift and got a 15# Bared Pargo. Unfortunately that was it for the day. But pretty awesome. Kids had a blast.

The rest of the trip continued to get better. Kids really got into the fishing and snorkeling. We ended up bringing home about 40lbs of fish. Couldn't ask for anything else. Below are some pics.

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