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Fished solo yesterday in the freezing rain/snow/fog/crap, north of Denver in a location known to hold a few pike. Started jigging with a glow perch chubby darter, and 10 minutes in, marked a nice fish on the flasher. Huge hit, and the fight was on. Nice fish, peeled drag, and after a good fight on my 12# mono, saw it was a nice size pike lip hooked. Attempted to turn the head into the hole a few times, but no dice. Final try, and the darter came unbuttoned. Total defeat!

After contemplating packing in, I decided to stick it out and chase flags. Caught several 18"-20" cookie-cutter pike, but couldn't find any bass. About an hour later, hooked a NICE fish on the tip-up, and fought hard for a few minutes. Brought it to the hole and found it was the same fish I lost earlier. Even had the marks on the lip from my darter. Total redemption!

Measured ~31" and 6.32 lbs. Not huge by most standards, but still my PB. Well worth sticking out the conditions for a rare second-chance fish.

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