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Black Shappell hut cover.

40" Clam heavy action rod with Quantum or Abu Garcia reel.


Somewhere on a line from Fords Hump to Pumphouse.


Lost Sunday night, 2/21.


As we came off the ice late Sunday night, 2/21, I drove ahead of my newbie friend to lead the way back to Stillwater. The snow had melted and became hard so the sled bounced a lot. My friend did not notice the black hut cover blew off my Shappell hut - it's a lousy design that puts the flipping side into the wind when you drive. We were on a line from Fords Hump to the Pumphouse when it blew off. He had no idea of when it flipped over, just that it did. We spent an hour in the dark running back and forth three times and never found the cover.

The cover was one problem. Apparently when the cover blew off the hut flipped open as well. When it did that it also threw out a rod and reel. The rod was a 40" Clam heavy action laker rod with either a gold Quantum reel or an Abu Garcia Cardinal reel (I can't recall which one for sure).

The reason I didn't bother posting a lost and found report for this until today is because I just realized I also lost one of my laker rod/reel combos. I thought I had only lost the cover but couldn't find the rod/reel anywhere last night and realized I never saw it when I got home and emptied the truck.

If you happened to have found either, please PM me and we can make arrangements.

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