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From the CPW nifty handbook page 33...

In the event of the loss of a Small Game Hunting, Fishing, Furbearer or Combination Small Game Hunting and Fishing license, the person to whom the license was issued, may obtain a duplicate license (upon verification of original license requested), from the CPW or any license agent, by signing an affidavit and paying a $5.00 fee. All duplicate carcass tag licenses are charged half price of original license issued, not to exceed $25.00 for each duplicate license issued.
Duplicate license transactions can be processed through the TLS licensing terminal. Only certain products can be duplicated however. License agents are NOT authorized to issue a duplicate/replacement license of any type which has a carcass tag to a person who reports the loss of a similar license purchased during the current year once the season has begun (other exceptions may apply). The person must go in person to a wildlife office for a duplicate license with a carcass tag.
All duplicate/replacement licenses may be researched and verified for law enforcement purposes.
Please note: The price of the Duplicate License will display AFTER the transaction is processed. If the duplicate license is issued that has a carcass tag, ―DUPLICATE‖ will print on the carcass tag.

Good luck! :thumb:
Not as difficult as I was thinking...I guess I need to go to walmart now....Thanks for the info
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