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Drilled 1st holes @ 9am. Drilled 2 more at 915. Didn't drill anymore. The reservoir of Seaman spewed forth its load of succulent perch unto us. We reveled in the golden perch shower of love. Landed 120 by 1030pm and called it a day. It was a warm calm sunny morning at Jizm Lake. Only 1 Seaman Sucker was caught. Shoe must have thinned them out.
It was literally as fast as you could drop the kasty down to the bottom and lift it up and a perch would be missed or caught. An older dude on a bucket left when we got there with his load of golden love.
Several other groups were observed awash in the briny manliness! All were 9-10". Big was 10.5", no jumbos but thats not what brings us to the Ocean of Orgasmic Perch.

Gawd I love that place! ;D

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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