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Been wanting to buy a new float tube for "stillwater fly fishing". Did some research for a tube that had a decent price and was rated good by fellow tubers and found this one.

An outfit in the Gunnison area sells them for $169.00 plus 2.9% CO tax with free shipping to anyone in CO and includes a pump and fins..... call the number to get the free shipping

Had it on the doorstep in two days. (nice to keep the money flowing in CO)

Took it out to Chatfield for a field test yesterday and it's sweet! You're sitting high so casting is easy and you are only wet from midcalf down.

The rig only weighs about 16 pounds so it's not as bulky as the pontoons...
folds up small enough to fit in a car trunk.

Thought it was a great deal to pass on to the guys here.

just my 2cents....... ;D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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