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1)   It's been a little while since i wrote(been fishing).
i caught a 17 3/4 in. bass out of simpsons ponds.
i was useing a 1/4 oz. tube jig and was ripping grass.
2) fished lake loveland near the swim beach along the rocks.
monday i caught a 15 in largemouth on vibrex rooster tail in a rainbow pattern. Tuesday i caught my first walleye ever, from lake loveland. i used the same rainbow pattern as before for the bass.
it was only around 13-14 in so i threw it back. pretty fish though.
3) jayhawker ponds on 1st street, as long as i had a worm or a lure in the water, i was catching sunfish, not all were the same
but my biggest was a 9 in bluegill, and my neighbor got some Nice bass out of the bigger of the 2 ponds.

hope this helps some of you that don't come up this way much.

oh one more thing kinda more of a question. i fished river bend twice this year and both times i was rushed by a black snake. the snake would see me approace the shore and come right at me, very aggresive
i had to trow my shoe at it(didnt think just kinda happened). has anyone had this prob. i think the snake is a black water moccasin which would be bad to get bite by. anyone know something? i don't know much about water snakes, but im not easily shook and this snake scared the pants off me(and my shoe).
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cotton mouth? Sure hope someone else chimes in on this one. Used to float those ponds quite a bit, but if there's moccasins in there, Used to will be the key word!!! Always thought we were to far north, but than again, i guess you never know.
I would never count anything out mind you---- but the "typical" habitat for these snakes doesnt usually come this far north and west. like i said though, "typical"...that doesnt mean what you saw wasnt infact a cottnmouth, but i tend to doubt it.

colorations for these snakes vary a lot. ive spent quite a bit of time tromping around swampy areas in north carolina, florida, georgia and parts of louisianna and have seen so many different color variations ive lost count. i generally leave them alone, as they can be very aggressive, have a nasty bite, not to mention they scare the begeezus out of me.

the most agressive snake ive seen around here seems to be the bull snake, which in a lot of cases mimic venomous snakes. they can also get quite large, i saw one outside of Boulder the other day that was at least 5 feet long. maybe this is what you saw, many people confuse these with poisonous species....

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Sounds like a racer although garter snakes are quite fond of water since small fish make-up a large part of their diet. Racers can be pretty aggressive and fast moving but, like the hognosed snake, it's usually bluffing. All 3 snakes mentioned are non-venomous species.

Thank you for not killing it! :)
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