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Lowrance lcx-15-mt problems

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I was wondering if there was anybody who has this model who has had any problems with it?

At the beginning of the season the unit read "0" for depth and stayed there and so I changed the transducer out in May and it worked fine. Then I used it for three weeks and it started doing the same thing again. I changed the transducer out again and that didn't do it. I've used it for 4 seasons now and it has been a great unit, but I have called Lowrance and they said it would cost $160 to trouble shoot and repair it. They seem to think it could be the Transmitter in the unit. But I don't know if the 2nd transducer I got was bad out of the box or not.

The only other way to test it out is to put my unit on a known good transducer or have someone put there known good unit on my transducer to see if it is the unit or the transducer. I think this would be a simple solution if someone was willing to help me out before I sent it to Lowrance. If anybody has this unit and would be willing to help me out I would be willing to me them somewhere at there convenience.

Any other ideas would be helpful. Thanks in advance..
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What update do you have on your unit?
Check Lowrance web site and update your unit. That should fix it.
Thanks guys,

Ken, I will be in Portland, for the next couple of weeks and will get back to you. I'm from Broomfield and could come down there.

Masterbater, As far as upgrades, I'm not sure what you mean? I bought my unit with my boat in 2001 and did not know of any upgrades. Are you saying that there was a recall to upgrade a chip? I will call Lowrance if that is the case. Did you have this problem also?

Thanks again!!
There have been updates for the X-15 every year that I know of.
The newest one I think is 4.1 I bet you have an old program running in your X-15.
Go to lowrance web site and do a little reading. Do you have a MCC reader?
you will need one to update your unit or you can send it in to have them update it for ya.

Check out this page for LCX-15MT updates:

if you haven't updated your unit since 2001, there are several to do. I also live in Broomfield and have an LCX-15, but I am in Minnesota on vacation at the moment. I will be back next week and so if the updates don't work, I will be glad to try to help you out when I get back.

Good luck.
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