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I beg to differ,

how to explain this... Given the transducer and downrigger cable are in approximately the same location in the back of the boat...

unlike going over a fish, it does not matter if the down rigger ball is in the center of the cone or on the edge of the cone, it is still going to be recorded at the same depth, namely the amount of line out, not the actual depth of the ball.

Try this, Draw a diagram (cone), place the ball at one edge of the cone, measure the distance (x) to the transducer. Stop the boat, the ball drops directly under the center of the cone, how far down is it still (x) since the length of cable didn't change... and it is recorded at the same depth (x) by the fish finder.

Try it, when you stop a the boat, the downrigger ball on the screen stays at the same depth... it does not drop, even though it did drop a little in reality.
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