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Lucky Craft Pointers rule!

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Fished Cedar bluffs last week and the LC out fished other jerkbaits 3 to 1.
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They are IMHO the very best. They're about all I throw when I'm throwing jerks. Glad to hear your trip to Cedar Bluff went well!! Ed
My friends thought I was nuts throwing a 15 dollar baits into brush. I think the quote was "you have big ***** to do that"
Those do look cool but man, I cant really see spening 15$ when I can buy 3 x-raps at the same price. Maybe one day.

Heres a review for anyone wanting to check them out:

McFish how was the weather out there? Heard Sunday got pretty rough for you guys.
Hey Jay-Think of it as 6 gallons of gas. Doesn't seem like so much now, does it? ;D Ed
I looked at LC for 3 yrs and finally purchased. Glad I did. I did not fish Sunday. Friday was very bad. I love that lake. I hope tournament fishing does not ruin the bass. I think it is bs to haul bass around all day especially during the spawn and hot summer months.
Ed Marcol said:
Hey Jay-Think of it as 6 gallons of gas.  Doesn't seem like so much now, does it?  ;D  Ed

With the price of gas what it is it would cost me $30.00 for 1 lure and to fill up the tank in the boat. Still not a good deal.
Such is life! I know that I will seriously consider jumping in the lake if the lure gets snagged.
McFish-I am of a like mind on the tournament fishing thing. I think it is also bs to specifically target spawning bass and then take them for a 6 hr. boat ride. I am afraid that lake will get "loved to death". Hope I'm wrong. Don't get me started on the T thing-its one of those issues where people have made up their mind and you're probably not gonna change opinions. Ed
Lakes seem to go in cycles and Cedar bluffs has had a good run. Time will tell! I used to fish T's when I was younger, best was 12th out of 156 @ Lake of the Ozarks. I landed those fish on the main point out of PB2 because of all the tournaments dumping the fish back into that one bay. I think there should be a better method than stressing the fish and redistributing them in a lake.
For the record...I STRONGLY agree with you men on the Tournament concerns.

I was at Glendo last year one weekend...they had a Pro tourney going on, PLUS a fishing derby!

There were around 500 boats involved in the two events, and they SLAUGHTERED THOUSANDS of POUNDS of WALLEYE.

It was DISGUSTING, and even though we outfished the pro T leader in spite of all the traffic and pressure (pays to relax and do something different than the others-this is my NUMBER 1 strategy for high pressure weekends), I truthfully wouldv'e voted (that day), to OUTLAW them all.

I understand that pro fishing is a winderful thing for some folks, and that our sport would not be nearly as respected or protected as it IS, without the pros, but notrue fisherman can feel 100% good about seeing literally THOUASNDS of pounds of game fish slaughtered from ONE lake in ONE weekend.

No wonder Glendo has been reporting tougher fishing each year....(We still do well, but our friends who are locals tell me our consistent luck is fairly unusual).
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