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Hi everyone,
Well some of you guys know I've been on the quest for a nice mac this winter.... First of all let me say thank you to those of you who posted replies to my question about handling a big lake trout. Yesterday I got my chance and I handled it just as you guys recommended, the fish felt very strong on the release, which was great! So it went like this; I got the bite and the fish felt real heavy when I set the hook, then it must have swam up in the water column because it didn't feel that big for a minute or two... Then it turned around and ran straight down, woow this is a nice fish I'm thinking. I put steady pressure on it and began fighting it back up. I could feel significant weight but I was thinking the fish had tired on that long run. I got it prolly around ten feet or so under the ice and it turned around and ran straight back down to the very bottom again in eighty feet of water! My heart was pumping then! Same process, I kept the pressure on and fought it up slow and steady, again as it came up in the water column it turned and right back down again. I let off my drag a lil at that point, and I was sweating it thinking of my 8# test snapping at any second. My uncle took a video of the part of the fight and the landing (which I prolly will not post due to revealing the location) In all the fish took five really long runs burning line off the spool before I saw the head under the ice. It came up blew a bunch of big bubbles, I got it's nose into the hole and bass griped it by the jaw (just as was recommended by CF members). What a thrilling fight and a true pleasure to land! The best part was being able to share the experience with my uncle, who taught me to fish when I was a kid and took me for my first times ice fishing. He has some trophy lakers under his belt and we've been going for 'em a lot this season, and if all goes as planned we will continue to do so. Sorry for the long winded post but I'm really excited about this catch. OH yea, the fish was caught on right off the bottom in eighty feet of water, 8# yozuri hybrid, 1/8 eagle claw jig, MH fenwick elite tech ice rod w/ abu G Soron reel. I took a quick measurement 33", I didn't get a weight. Thanks for reading and tight lines.

The release, the fish felt very strong as it began to swim out of my hands.

I have a few more pics I might add later. Here's one more of a haul of keeps for the day;

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